Welcome to The Portal - the door to a world of wonder and terror, passion and paranoia, courage and conspiracy, marvels and monsters. That's right, welcome to the world of X-Files Fanfic - specifically, my fanfic. Some of these stories are solo efforts, and others were written in collaboration with other writers whose work I admire.

So leave your own problems behind and immerse yourself in those of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, as they battle everyone from the Consortium and Cancerman, to UNSUBS and evil-doers of all kinds.

Everlasting gratitude to Joey Stevenson for his help in constructing these pages.

Original artwork on this site: The Portal gif, the Faith coverart and The Magician coverart is courtesy of the talented Tamara Kauffman; the "Sleeping" collage and The Return coverart by the talented Erin Livingstone; and the talented G.E.K. is responsible for designing the coverart for Twister, The Magician, Book II - The Runaway, and The Magician, Book IV - The Warrior Priest.

These pages are dedicated to X-Files fans and fans of X-Files fanfic everywhere. Enjoy!

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