The Return series is composed of stories which have, as their common thread, the role of a mysterious stranger in Mulder's life, and the way in which that role changes over time and experience. No one wears a perfectly white hat, nor a perfectly black one. Mostly, it's just an unusual and tantalizing scenario, and an investigation into the impact that it would have. Mulderangst abounds, as you can imagine.


Includes all of the stories below.
THE RETURN Mulder and Scully find an unexpected ally (or two) when they investigate the disappearance of two college students in Maine, and evidence of the continuation of experiments on unwitting 'volunteers'. It's not long before Mulder himself becomes such a volunteer.
LINKS Mulder meets his mysterious source, and learns some shattering truths about his family - and who his father really is. Definitely a mood piece, and another personal favorite.
CONTACT Mulder takes an offer he can't refuse - to accompany the father he can't accept to Finland, to find a downed alien craft and its occupants before the Blue Berets sanitize the area. In doing so, he learns more about his quest, himself, and the man who claims to be his father.