As many readers know, The Magician Series is a bit different from most X-Files fanfic. The novels are set in an alternate universe, which branches off from the X-Files episodes at about the end of the second US season, and are for the most part set in a magical kingdom. When JenniE told me of her idea and asked me to join her in writing the first story (which was supposed to be a short story, by the way), I hadn't read much in the way of fantasy, and wasn't sure myself of how well the work would be accepted by the average reader.

Needless to say, we shouldn't have worried. We have had the great honor and good fortune to have created a place inhabited by beings that our readers crave to visit, if only for a while. We have also been honored by the numerous awards these novels have received from their readers. Spurred on by our own yearning to visit the Realm again and the lovely letters of our readers, the single novel has over the years become a series of novels. These have been a pure joy to write. Frankly, the Realm and its magnificent beings are as real to Jennie and myself as they are to our readers, and as satisfying to write as they are to read. 

For those of you who are "friends of the Realm", here is a source for all the Magician novels. For those new to the series, I hope you will read The Magician, Book I and prepare, as Mulder and Scully were, to be enchanted by a very different world.

Book I

An investigation into the appearance of a bizarre creature in a lab at MIT is the portal into a fantastic alternate universe, where Mulder and Scully must save a world to save themselves and their new-found bond.
Book II

Sick of his 'duty', Prince Andalor runs away to Mulder's world, where he inadvertently becomes embroiled in a Consortium plot to manipulate the Vortex. Pursuing him into this strange world are the best and brightest of the Realm, who enlist Mulder and Scully's aid to find him.
Book III

Back from the mists of time and space, an enemy seeks to bring about the destruction of the Realm. Mulder and Scully take on the quest to find the one man who can help them end the greatest threat ever to the Realm and control the life-threatening complications to their bond.
Book III.V

The Realm is rebuilding and the beings look forward to a Royal Wedding. Meanwhile, brigandage is widespread, causing death and economic havoc, and the Noble Houses are up to their necks in conspiracy and treason. But from one House comes a leader who can alter the course of Realm history. .
Book IV

Mulder and Scully travel to the Realm for the birth of the Royal Heir, little knowing that a glitch in the vortex has swept an unsuspecting Skinner along for the ride. When the Heir is abducted, the three must work together to find him, as Skinner makes some difficult adjustments to new-found talents and new-found love.